2014 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Go Alaska

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no gears is next

no gears is next

Go to Alaska and make skid noises and watch the sun all night. Wish we could be there, but damnit, aint got no tickets.

Mountain Flyer Hot Off The Press!

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Our beloved friends at Mountain Flyer released their newest, hottest issue EVER today. Inside awaits for your eyes a tantalizing chronicle of the SSWC09 mayhem that went down in Durango last September. This project was a huge team effort and it’s full of Passion and Talent! You can get it at Bike Shops, Borders, Barnes and Noble and REI. Also inside are some super steamy cyclocross photos of some serious honches battling in the frigid nastiness: A TRUE WORK OF ART THAT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

SSWC 2010 in New Zealand

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Registration open on the new year. Check here.

We Miss Your Pretty Faces.

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Pho-toes by T. Herb Belrose.

2007 SSWC Video

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Damn Straight

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16incher, Brendan Vahey at the finish



Durango Bike Polo

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Durango bike polo season is now in full swing. We are currently looking for grass teams to play in 2010. Please give us a heads up if you have any information on grass polo tourneys in your area. We play sunday nights at Park before sunset. We will also be hosting a spring tourney in Durango. We.

Dates for NZ 2010

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We tried to figure it out but it was too hard. Can you?

The Unofficial DFL Guy Gets the Belt

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The sweet sweet prize of sucking serious ass goes to Mike from Lakewood, Colorado. Congrats man, and seriously, nice work on finishing this hard ass course, not everybody did. Mike finished in a time of 5 hours and 1 minute, 4 hours and 13 minutes off the winning time. The belt he wins was hand crafted by D9 crew member Doom. Doom is the Republic of Doom guy, he makes the rad vests and stuff. Well, thats the world champs for ya.

The official DFL award went to Clayton Bell of Little Rock, AK, who finished in a time of 4 hours and 32 minutes. He won a custom made steed from the super bad ass looking Black Sheep Bikes out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Those guys were so pumped to hook Clayton up, nice work team.

Road Trips

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well done fellas, well done

“Best Race Ever” -me and you

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Nice work Justin


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Results will be posted at the Durango Cyclery in 2010.

Last Minute Random Photos

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Sean’s House

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Thanks Sean for the sweet kickoff party at your house. That was fun and the dawgs were good.

Passion Productions Wrap Up Party

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A Big Shoutout

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That was so much fun. It takes a serious possy to make that stuff happen.We would like to thank all the folks who helped this thing look and feel great. Thanks to Hagen for the super perfect race course management. That was top notch.Carol and Kristen of EcoLogic Events making us look pro. You both are so fun to plan stuff with. Bill and his help with volunteer coordination. He was solid, thanks for the results as well. 800+ hand written! Annie for the super smooth registration flow. The vibes were good. Russ and his creative backing love. The Durango Cyclery gave us some serious love. Dave at Ska for the amazing passion and insite for the saturday night goodtime. Raequel and her housing hookups. There were many friendships being made with her connections. Helen and her magazine editing. We threw it out there and she made it make sense. Edward at New Belgium for being so down to have a good time on bikes. Been with us since the beginning.  Hb, Elke and Dave for the amazing announcing action. Ron Andrews and Doom for the finish line bike arch and sweet stage. Mary and Trails 2000 for the sweet trailwork in the months before the race. DJ Igene for the smooth tunes at the finish line.

Drew and Wade at Boure and Kate for the so rad custom bball unis. Those things were tight. DJ Tricerahps for the tunage throughout the weekend. The godfather of Durango racing, Ed and Patti Zink for letting us tap into their amazing race management infrastructure. Kelly of Lighting Comunication for the great sound and lighting at the parties. Vik. The VOA thrift store for the perfect costumeage for the D9 crew and after party. Marc for the afterparty, and sweet future film. LuLu for housing the 3 bands.Chris Giles Scott Smith and Devon Balet for all the sweet photo help. The magazine thanks you. Jay Huwang for the insurance help. The DEVO board for the discussions. Zia for giving us a nice full stomach throughout the weekend and at the volunteer party. Marc for letting us throw a sweet party on his development. Cliff an his crew for working on a sweet freeride course and throwing down on friday night. Suzette, Mandy, Shana and Bret for letting us all see that big companies can kick ass and make cool fun stuff. Thanks Chrome for the bball kicks. To the STomparillaz for the endless creative action. The boombike was always bumping. Fishbone for the good looking tshirts. To the city and county permit peeps, thanks for believing in a good thing.  Jake for the sweet ridgeline trail. Chad at Oskar Blues for taking the finish line to another level.

2 Guys With a Good Idea

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