Mountain Flyer Hot Off The Press!

Our beloved friends at Mountain Flyer released their newest, hottest issue EVER today. Inside awaits for your eyes a tantalizing chronicle of the SSWC09 mayhem that went down in Durango last September. This project was a huge team effort and it’s full of Passion and Talent! You can get it at Bike Shops, Borders, Barnes and Noble and REI. Also inside are some super steamy cyclocross photos of some serious honches battling in the frigid nastiness: A TRUE WORK OF ART THAT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

5 Responses to “Mountain Flyer Hot Off The Press!”

  1. Looks nice.
    What’s up with no writeups in the big mags? Lame. I really expected something from Bike and Dirt Rag. Pretty sure I saw Maurice Tierney trolling around.

  2. i was wondering when you were going to post this, Herbelrose! Nice work on the article. I just received a copy yesterday. Bailey looks like he wears a size 17 shoe in his photo.

    I submitted a lengthy article to Mountain Bike mag with photos and promises of sweet photos from Devon. Lou, the editor, never even got back to me after he asked me for the story! I even emailed him again and asked him “tell me the truth, if it sucks let me know.” No answer! I thought the ordeal was LAME. I guess it wasn’t important enough to them, probably too busy writing “training” tips….

    You can see my article here:

    It might suck (actually it probably does, but I’m sticking to it). Oh, and Dirt Rag did a short story online … leaving a lot out … it’s obvious they were there for only the race day and not the previous and post race days … IMO the best days of SSWC09. Viva Durango. I can’t wait to move back…

  3. WE DON’t NEED NO STINKING BIG MAGS!!! MF is down for the cause and hard to the core! They’ve got some of the finest photos in the biz! And they gots the whole Rocky Mountain scene on lockdown!

    DD sorry abouts the no call back! That’s an awful feeling! I know that you are the man and folks just can’t understand you! THEY AIN’T READY BABY!


  4. Thanks for the writeup, All Time. Good stuff, and good memories.
    And yes, you should have had some bacon.
    Can those of us not going to NZ just do the same thing again this year in Dgo?

  5. That is one awesome picture on the cover! Great shot. Wish I was right there next to him.

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