This Guy Cant Come

So far like 87 people have contacted us and said they cant come anymore. Here is Chris’s story.

Q: When did you register and how did the coloring go?
A: I sent the entry form off with about a week to go until the cut-off date. The colouring was something i’d not done for a long time and was a bit of a laugh. I should have got some better colouring equipment and being more imaginative with the execution after seeing some of the other entries!

Q: Did any of your friends get in?
A: No, all but one had big pre-planned things (weddings and other such stuff) that stopped them from entering. So that left me and my one remaining friend who were free to go. . This ended up just being me as he didn’t get his sh!t together and sort out the entry form. There was 8 of us at SSWC 09. This year’s preparations weren’t going well…

Q: Why arent you coming anymore? Describe the incident?
A: I went to Boston on a week’s holiday in April this year. Had a great time and didn’t want to leave. Got a phone call on the way back  from a workmate saying that i’d been made redundant and had 4 weeks of work left. Not what I wanted to hear, especially after having a such good time in Boston. I was working as a contract aerospace engineer on a rolling 6 month contract at the time. There were rumours that some of us were going. The company actually made the decision the day after I went to Boston and didn’t tell me until I got back cos they didn’t want to ruin my holiday. I’m glad they didn’t, but maybe i’d have spent less cash if I knew! I looked at it on the positive side – I didn’t really enjoy my job that much and it was a kick up the backside to sort myself out and find something better. Unfortunately, the big, bad recession was doing its big, bad thing – that and the fact that it was just myself going finished off my SSWC 09.

Q: What place do you think you would have gotten, between 1 and 1000?
A: Well I finished 160th last year, so at least that!

Q: Will you go if its in Hungary 2010? How about Italy, Canada or New Zealand?
A: Ive been to Italy and Canada, but none of the other places. NZ or Hungary would be cool! Ive got a long term plan in place on the job front, so SSWC 2010 is looking like its on…  

Thanks Chris and Bummer

sswc09 Final Course Map


7 Responses to “This Guy Cant Come”

  1. Turd Ferguson Says:

    So if 87 are out, there’s room for me now, right?

  2. Yah, I’m coming up with friends from Flagstaff just to chill and ride. Will there be the opportunity to get in on the race?

  3. So, a quick question for the organizers… Do these posting mean that if a rider cannot attend for whatever reason, he/she should contact you guys in advance? If so, how? THX!

  4. I’m out too.

    Here’s why:

    Ding. Ding.

    Now time for the fun of hearing everyone scraping at the bit trying to get into the ‘event’. I wonder if MTBR will blow up just like it did back in early 2008 (

  5. Dear D-9 crew and others,

    I could not avoid the bummer life today. After having a super time at the pancake b-fast and registration, it was time for me to do duty at the day job. En route via bicycle, I was cut down by a right-turning evil car thing. Car did not stop. I did stop with knee and elbow into concrete curb. Ouch. Patellar tendon suffered mightily. Suffice to say, my SSWC09 weekend has been changed. I will however be limping to various opportune spots in tomorrow’s race and giving all riders my sincere heckling (and kind support). The boys at Durango Cyclery have done our hometown proud. Lift a pint or two in their direction and be safe out there fellow onespeeders.

    No rips, no flips.

    Brad, rider #77.

  6. That’s a huge bummer. Our condolences….

  7. we love you b-rad! keep it real!

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