Dates for NZ 2010

We tried to figure it out but it was too hard. Can you?

6 Responses to “Dates for NZ 2010”

  1. Little over 372 days from now, puts it at November 1st I believe.

  2. Looks like October 23rd to me.

  3. Dammit! I wanted to snowboard on south island while there next year. That is too late in the season since I’m guessing the ski areas will be closed. bleh.

  4. looks like it s gonna be one year and three days from right now!!!!! sweet hope to see ya’ll there

  5. Hi Guys – weekend kicks off on Friday October 22 (NZT – remember, so it will still be Thursday in USA) – till Sunday October 24. Monday is a public holiday in NZ as well. Race day? Looking like Saturday.
    Trails are fantastic at the moment and will be the same in a year. Snow – ski-filelds are still open as it’s been a cold winter.
    Website is under construction (we’re re-cycling it from one we’ve used twice before). But has official countdown, plus our current favourite video and you can register for email updates or contact our travel guru.
    Looking forward to seeing you in just under 12 months…
    Rotorua Singlespeed Soc…

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