The Unofficial DFL Guy Gets the Belt

The sweet sweet prize of sucking serious ass goes to Mike from Lakewood, Colorado. Congrats man, and seriously, nice work on finishing this hard ass course, not everybody did. Mike finished in a time of 5 hours and 1 minute, 4 hours and 13 minutes off the winning time. The belt he wins was hand crafted by D9 crew member Doom. Doom is the Republic of Doom guy, he makes the rad vests and stuff. Well, thats the world champs for ya.

The official DFL award went to Clayton Bell of Little Rock, AK, who finished in a time of 4 hours and 32 minutes. He won a custom made steed from the super bad ass looking Black Sheep Bikes out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Those guys were so pumped to hook Clayton up, nice work team.

57 Responses to “The Unofficial DFL Guy Gets the Belt”

  1. Megan Fox's Bra Says:

    Am I the only one confused? So the guy that came in DFL got an unofficial DFL belt? But some guy that didn’t come in DFL got the sweet DFL prize for finishing a half hour ahead of DFL? Its tough to make stupid look as easy as you guys do.

  2. Officer Hottie Says:

    “4 hours and 13 minutes off the winning time?” I certainly don’t remember the first place finisher doing so in 48 minutes, which is what your math equates to. I also know that several riders finished after 4 hours and 32 minutes. Not sure if you were in the porta-potty when this was all going down, but Skeletor (Mike from Lakewood, CO) finished ONE MINUTE under 5 hours. This was punctuated by his standing sprint and puking finish. I know, because me and the other Village People were all in attendance at the finish line. It would appear that your award distribution is as screwed up as your math skills. Get it right, people, and give the Black Sheep to the deserving finisher!!

  3. Looks to me like frame guy was the last of the folks who made the 2.5 hr cutoff to come through the finish (thus ‘official’) – and belt guy was the last of anyone else (assumed that missed the cutoff, but rode on anyway) to come through (thus unofficial)…

  4. Officer Hottie – less talking and more spanking!!!

  5. You guessed it man. Well played, well played. Have a nice day

  6. my bad on the math thing. The bottom line is that he sucked hugely.

  7. The fix is on Says:

    Let’s call a spade a spade here. It’s blatantly obvious.

    Unofficial DFL = the guy who actually finished dead f’ing last.

    Official DFL = one of Russell’s buddies he hooked up with a free frame.

    Here are some words to describe it:

    Anyhow, you guys are due some bad bike-karma for this scam. Enjoy it when it happens.


    Everyone knows the truth here — this was FIXED!! Give the sweet frame to the inside guy, your buddy, who was NOT the DFL. Give the real DFL a belt.

  9. Amazed and Confused Says:

    So the first story was that the fat skeleton finished ahead of the DFL.
    Debunked by offical time keeping lady.
    Second story, DFL finished at 4:32, fat skeleton at 5:01.
    Debunked by time keeping lady and the half-dozen riders who finished between 4:32 and 5:00.
    Third story, fat skeleton over-powered race crew at 2:30 cutoff checkpoint, kept number plate but was DQ’d.
    Debunked by your lack of a coherent story. Seriously if you guys get out of race organizing, you could get into government cover-ups. You can’t do any worse than those Bay of Pigs guys.

    Fourth story, fat skeleton secretly changed gears on the course?
    Fifth story, fat skeleton is actually a team of identical triplets riding identical bikes?
    Sixth story, dishonesty reigns supreme at SSWC09 DFL prize give-away.

    I was there and saw it happen, fat skeleton should have been DFL. At least you gave him a belt.

    Congressional paige ass? That could be the official SSWC cologne of choice and is pretty freakin funny.

  10. Amazed and Confused Says:

    Could we get more pictures of officer hottie? With contact information?

  11. Megan Fox's Bra Says:

    Even I’m for more spanking and more pictures of Officer Hottie.

  12. The fix is on Says:

    I think it’s Officer NAUGHTY!

  13. Officer Hottie Says:

    If I was deserving of those hot pants and badge, I would have enforced a fair race.

  14. hostile lokal Says:

    looks like the insider homeboy-braw went a lot too far this time. super-duper lame. D9 crowd should be publicly shamed and stoned (with rocks)! what a way to put such a dark cloud over an otherwise fantastic event. shame on you boys!

  15. Skeleton Mike Says:

    Hey, I don’t suck, I just ride really slow, besides Travis Brown crashed way more than I did.

    Thanks friends and random fans for the support, I wish I could win a bike frame too. Am I using win in the right way here? Seems counter-intuative.

    Thanks Republic of Doom for the cool belt, it will occupy a place of dishonor next to my “Most Improved Midget Wrestler” trophy. Seriously. I like the vests on your website and think everyone should check them out.

    For the record, I beat the 2:30 cutoff, finished a hair under 5 hours and didn’t change gears during the race and don’t have identical brothers. My two goals were to beat the cutoff and the time limit and I made both, although not by much. Find another reason to give the guy a bike frame but don’t impunge my repuation as someone who usually just squeeks by.

    I don’t know what happened with the whole bike frame deal but yeah, it sure does smell funny. I can live with it because I didn’t really expect to win anything except a tattoo and I sort of missed that chance by a few (195?) minutes. I could get really serious and train and train and cutout beer but most likely I’ll just continue to ride with friends, have a good time and drink beer.

    Finally, I’m not fat, just over-served. Besides, everyone knows a skeleton outfit will add 10 pounds, that’s just common sense people!

    I’ll be signing autographs this weekend in Buffalo Creek where I will be riding my old, not-titanium, pig-iron heavy clunker of a single speed with square wheels and then opening up a cooler of beer and chocolate milk. That’s how I stay svelte and my very hot wife agrees. I’ll even be passing out Officer Hottie’s phone number to men meeting certain, specific requirements. Hope to see everyone there.

  16. Mike, our officials at the finish line said that the official dfl guy was that other guy. We have no idea who that other guy is, seriously. Your buddy Mark is starting to get on our nerves. I hope you dig the belt, it was made with love for you. Sorry you didn’t get the bike. We threw this race because we love riding, making cool artistic things and screwing around. It’s not at all about the prizes or schwag. Tell your friends!

  17. Skeleton Mike Says:

    Yeah, the belt is cool and I appreciate the work that went into it. I am sincerely thankful to have a cool reminder of a painful, brutal, nasty race which was also a brilliantly good time. I’ll thank Doom when I order one of those sweet vests.

    Mark is a good and loyal friend and I’d stand between him and a charging rhino so punching him in the junk isn’t an option when I’m around. You have to appreciate good friends, right? I know he’s persistant but he’ has some very good points.

    Give me a call or drop me an email if you’d like to talk about DFL. I don’t understand what happened but then string theory confuses me too so it may just be my shortcomings.

    Thanks for the card, am I the cheese or are you the cheese?

  18. Megan Fox's Bra Says:

    With the whole officer hottie and the smell of congressional ass thing going on I was really enjoying this thread. Then captain juice bag has to break out the ball punching. Way to show off your professional people skills. Maybe you should just stick to ‘cool artistic things’.

  19. stop whining, shut the fuck up, and get over it. This event was the shit. If you want to win prizes and shit go to the fucking carnival. props to the D9 crew for putting on the sickest cycling event Durango has ever seen

  20. Yeah – I’m sure Russell (from Chicago), Chad (from Bend, OR), Bailey (from OH) – have a lot of homies in Little Rock – it was definitely ‘wired’ to the guy from Little Rock…’s over, let it be people..

  21. Forgot to add: Little Rock is the 5th coast..

  22. Yeah, my bad on the balls. Sorry Mark.

  23. I just caught wind of this thread a few minutes ago, so allow me to clear the air and inform you all of what happened that awesome day.

    Let me preface this story by saying that before SS Worlds I had never met Russell or anyone else from Durango Cyclery. Before the event I didn’t even know anybody in Durango.

    That being said I started the race in tricked out hippy style complete with silk shirt, suede vest, skin tight plaid pants and knee socks. 3 of my best friends and I headed out from Arkansas earlier that week and we talked my Dad into flying out and meeting us in Durango. My Dad has been racing mtn bikes for about 4 yrs now and he’s pretty badass but this was a totally new experience for him on several levels. Since I will probably never get to ride in another SS Worlds with him again I decided to not race the course and instead just kick back, enjoy the show, and chill with him. We rode together and discussed how amazing is it was that we were out in Colorado riding MTN Bikes with 1000 dressed in costumes. At the beer stops I would give him a head start and soak up some more brews then go catch him again.

    By the time we got to the 1/2way checkpoint it had taken us 3 1/2 hrs and we arrived just in front of the motocross sag wagon. A lot of people were already finished and Michael Franti was rockin the airwaves, the atomosphere was tough to pull away from. I was down to chill at that point but Dad really wanted to go on (he’s a tough SOB). Only problem was we couldn’t find any water and all I had was water bottles full of delicious microbrew (which I honestly couldn’t have been happier about). We asked some finishers where the 2nd half of the course started and then set off to continue the adventure. We hadn’t made it a mile into the course and Dad looked like the desert was about to devour him. He gave it everything he had but the course was just too technical and demanding. I advised him to just go relax, find some water and enjoy our awesome mtn biking adventure (was starting to get a little concerned and knew that if he went on it would take us about 4-5 more hrs to finish).

    At this point I’m feeling pretty zooted from all the pony kegs and other party favors and I was feeling ready to flow. So I took what water the old man had left, took another drink of beer, climbed onto my rigid steel pegasus and started to rip. I kept hearing the motorbike in the distance and knew that I had to be getting closer. Was getting a lil bummed that I hadn’t caught up to anyone yet but the super sweet flows of the trail were all the solace I needed. Made it to the final rest stop just as they were shutting it down. We kicked it for a while and they were stoked that I was still rolling. Awesome guys who really took care of me: gave me 1/2 bottle of water, some dark chocolate, and even busted out a peace pipe. After that it was on! I rocked out the next few miles and finished just a couple minutes behind The Skeleton Man. I remember hearing someone say, “Oh man I just missed it (getting DFL) by a couple of minutes.”

    The 1st half of the race I just enjoyed the scene with my Dad and rolled in 3 1/2 hrs; the 2nd half of the race I smoked in 1 1/2 hrs. That put me finishing right at around 5 hrs. When I finished Russell came up to me and said that I should hang around that night because there was a cool prize. Got really stoked because I didn’t even know there was a prize for DFL. First he said I got to ask you a few questions, then he asked me about how I finished behind everyone else since my 2nd help was pretty quick and I told him the whole story.

    That conversation was only the 2nd time I had ever talked to Russell, the 1st time was that morning when I met him at Durango Cyclery and asked if I could spin around on their Salsa Fargo, which they were kind enough to let me do. Wanted the Fargo because it’s the only “Tour” bike I knew of that you can really MTN Bike on. I’m taking a cross country tour from Arkansas to the Pacific Ocean after I graduate this next spring from med school. Along the way I’m raising money for a free Women’s Clinic in Prampram, Ghana. After the Tour concludes I’m going to take all the proceeds raised to Ghana and go live and volunteer there for an indefinite amount of time. So when I heard that I won a custom frame from Black Sheep Cycles I almost shit on myself. I was so stoked! It’s like everything in the universe lined up and gave me confirmation that I was on the right path.

    So please don’t give Russell, Durangodevo, or anyone else from Durango Cyclery or wherever else anymore shit. They worked their asses off on this event and it was far and away the best race any of us have ever done. We were so inspired that our team back in Arkansas, Bell & CO MTN Biking ( , has used the SSWC09 as our muse for the upcoming CARPe diem MTB Festival that we’re throwing here in Little Rock tomorrow (if anyone reads this and is within driving distance, you should definitely make this event. We’re having a mtn bike race/free music festival/environmental & bicycle advocacy gathering/food & clothes charity drive. Plus we’re having a drum circle complete with bellydancers, a Kid’s Race, a costume contest, free food for 500+, free drinks from New Belgium, 3 live bands, and it’s free admission to the public. Check out

    The SS Worlds showed me what a race should be, having fun and making new friends and new experiences, not just about who’s fastest. I’ve been racing full time for 5 yrs now and have done over 70 events ranging from XC to the Breck & Mohican 100. Although I loved them all, no race I’ve ever done brought me back to the roots of mtn biking like the SS Worlds did. Hell it inspired me to spend the day in the saddle with my old man as he rode across the hardest trails of his entire life and saw an event the likes of which a 55 yr old accountant from Arkansas could have never imagined. Since I rode with him I was so far back that when I finally took off and started flying I could never catch anyone in front of me. Because I chose spending time with my Dad instead of competing for a high finishing position, I fell into winning DFL and an amazing custom Ti MonstaCross Touring frame from an extremely generous company, Black Sheep Cycles ( I’d say that is good karma if I’ve ever experienced it.

    Thanks to everyone who made this amazing experience possible. Thanks to Sir Vandy, C Dizzle & Bambi McGru for rolling with me from Ar –> Co and mountaineering in the Weminuchi Wilderness, thanks to my Dad for raising me and gutting it out on the craziest trails you’ve ever seen, thanks to my Mom for ripping up the dance floor all night at Derailed the night before the race, thanks to Durango Cyclery esp Russell for all the amazing hard work yall put into this race (so sorry for all the BS and misunderstanding surrounding this DFL finish), thanks to James at Black Sheep Cycles for the amazing frame that I will proudly ride accross the country while raising money for indigent women & children in Africa, and a special thanks to all the volunteers who served me water, cookies, chocolate, beer, and nugs: without you I never could have finished a 23 mile races in over 5 hrs.

    Clayton Bell

    If you wanna know more about my experience at SSWC09, check out Wanna find out more about the coolest MTN Bike Team in the South, check out If you ever find your way to “The Natural State” we’ll show you some of the sweetest unknown trails in the country. If you are into charities and things like helping sick and dying people in 3rd World Countries send me an email at

    I usually am not a big drinker but that day I figured “Why the hell not, this is SS Worlds?” , so I consumed

  24. tonofearth Says:

    Hey all you SSers, I’m the guy who finished DFL. And let’s get a few things straight.

    1. I have never met anyone from Durango Cyclery and did not even know anyone from Durango before the SS Worlds, so all this conspiracy talk is misinformed bullshit.
    2. I finished the race in just over 5 hrs and I saw Skeletor at the line when I pulled up. I’m sure he saw me too decked out in full hippy attire (silk shirt, plaid pants, and a rockin suede vest) on a lime green rigid Niner.
    3. This was without a doubt the sweetest race ever! Winning the Ti frame was a complete surprise, I had no idea that there even was a prize for DFL, nevertheless expected to finish that far back.

    So I hope this satisfies some of you that have been blasting on these guys who busted their asses for months to put on this stellar race. And by the way I’m from The ARK not Alaska. If you want a full race report check out


  25. Skeleton Mike Says:

    I’ve been quiet on this because it doesn’t matter in the big picture but here is my response to this whole controversy.

    First, thanks to eveyone who helped, who organized, who raced. Thanks to James for donating a bike, thanks to people who supported me. Thanks again to Doom for the belt, which is very cool. It was a great time, I never whined and never quit.

    Tonofearth, sorry I don’t remember you on the course but if I saw you I might have thought you were an hallucination. The only person I saw after the last hike-a-bike was the race marshall who escorted me in, I think his name was Sesh or something like that. Thanks Sesh, for the escort and the crackers. Email me and I think I have some pictures of you I can send.

    I’ve still not whined about this but it’s really odd that the official DFL time was 4:32 but you just stated you finished in over 5 hours. At the party, Russell told a couple of my friends that you finished at 4:55 which was 4 minutes ahead of me. The story just keeps changing but in the long run you got a bike out of the deal and it’s over. I’m not sure how I beat the cutoffs, finished a minute before 5:00, the offical cutoff and still managed to not be the DFL. Oh well, I still had a good time and will just come in closer to the pack next time to avoid this kind of BS It’s hard to say that I should have “won” a frame since I was so dang slow, so I’m not complaining. If I would have come in first and someone else was awarded the tattoo, well then heads would roll. I read before the race that if you are looking for super-organization and expert time keeping that you should avoid SSWC and it’s true. The event is more about having a good time which from the sounds of it, we all did.

    As for this controversy, can everyone just let it go? Thanks to my good and loyal friends and the few other people who were at the race and are loobying for me but at this point it’s a done deal. Things happen like this and you’ve just go to roll with it. Too much negative energy will age a man quick. Enjoy the great time we each had at SSWCD9 and get ready for the next one (that is not an $1800 flight away).

    Clayton, congratulations on your new frame.

    Cheeny, thanks for sending out the belt and the note, it’s greatly appreciated. I have a momento of the race that nearly 1000 other people don’t and that’s pretty dang cool.

    See you all when SSWC comes back to North America.



  26. Skeleton Mike Says:

    So I just talked to the guys at Durango Cyclery and there really was not a fix. Maybe a mistake was made, maybe not but I never thought that I would win a bike frame, I just wanted to finish the race. I didn’t lose a frame, just a race and seriously, who expected me to finish top-500?

    If everyone who posted here met on a trail or at the post-ride tailgate we would all get along pretty well. We all love bikes, mountain biking and cold beer. For the SSWC weekend there was a lot of focus on Colorado, specifically Durango and the great trails there. We’re making it look ugly and it’s not. Please don’t bag on my friends, they have my back 100% and that is something for which I’m grateful.

    If you Durango guys get to the front range and want to ride, let me know. Same goes for you Clayton. It’s not Durango but there are some sweet rides here and all throughout Colorado. Fruita/GJ are only a few hours away too.

    I hope this ends the controversy once and for all. Clayton is going to very slowly ride a new Black Sheep frame and I’ll very slowly ride my current bike. Maybe in 2011 we can settle the question of who is really the slowest single speeder ever.

    Peace, please!

  27. There would be no drama if an expensive bike frame weren’t involved. So many SSer complain that “singlespeeding” (whatever that is) has turned into a fad, it’s too corporate, it’s been sold out, it should be about body odor and not getting laid, above all else. But when an expensive frame is involved, suddenly everyone forgets how hardcore they were trying to appear.

    If the D9 guys and all the companies that donated DIDN’T go to the trouble of arranging for all the killer free shit they did, I wonder what the four people who are upset would find to bitch about. The sand that got into your gash?

  28. Skeleton Mike, good on you for your attitude.

  29. tonofearth Says:

    Hey Skeleton Mike,

    Thanks for stepping up and rolling with true SS swagger. I really don’t know how the times got rearranged or the rumors started but I’m really pumped your such a stand up guy. I’m as shocked about the frame as anyone else, almost shit on myself when they announced it at the Awards Ceremony. Promise you I’ll make you proud, I’m getting a MTN sytle Touring frame and gonna ride it across the country from AR –> Pacific and raise money for a free Women’s Clinic in Ghana. Will be coming through the Front Range so would love to hook up and ride/drink some beer with you guys. If you ever come down to AR give me a holler, we got some world class singletrack that noone knows about. Sounds like you have some very loyal friends, a sure sign of strong character. Best wishes to you and your crew.

    Thanks to Russell & the whole D9 Crew and thanks to James at Blacksheep, your bike frames are so badass that even SSers have been gnashing teeth.

  30. thank god THAT’S all over with… and no one even questioned my winning the Black Sheep 36’er. (which by the way is making it’s rounds of various trails).

  31. Fatnslo Evanson Bro Says:

    At the highest point of the 2nd loop, a course marshal road up to me on a motorcross bike with no clutch, and told me i was last (and did I want to quit). I passed two guys on the way to the finish. One was on a unicycle and the other was not. I finished at 10 seconds before five hours. Hopefully, one of these men got the coveted prizing.

  32. Jen's Husband Says:

    Did someone say spankings and Officer Hottie? I all for that!
    Ran into Officer Hottie at the Vegas Cross Race,… After she had done an awesome job racing in it. Super nice woman. She took the time to talk to my wife and I for about 5-10 mins. Way cool lady.
    But, I would like to see more pics! 😉

  33. Isn’t it strangely ironic that a race for last place would be so hotly contested?
    I was racing for DFL, (that belt takes inches off your figure, thanks Doom) and gave up quite soon after realizing I was not not racing against a bunch of hoserz…


  34. I met officer Hottie climbing the Ellingwood Arete on Crestone Peak. She led every pitch and then had wine and cheese on the summit. Quite a FINE climber.

  35. Skeleton Mike Says:

    TonofEarth, drop me a line and let me know when you are going to pass through, I am sure we can drum up some support in addition to hosting you while you’re here.

    As for Officer Hottie, I don’t know about all the things she does but I do know that she will be in Mexico competing in an IronMan triathlon next month. It’s for her favorite holiday, Spanksgiving.

  36. Megan Fox's Bra Says:

    I saw Officer Hottie at the 24 hours of Moab a couple weeks ago and she is very excitable. So much so that she poured her drink in my pocket. Don’t think I’ll ever wash that coat. I will treasure that encounter forever. Officer Hottie if you’re still out there… call me!

  37. George Jetson Says:

    Is this the same officer Hottie mentioned on the NYC bike snob blog:

    I think she must be the leader of some sort of bike-justice/vigilante-type group.

  38. Officer Hottie Says:

    While I’ve never been one to turn away positive attention or compliments, I feel responsible to note that there were TWO of us ladies dressed in Law Enforcement at SSWC09. The Hot Reno 911 with the blonde wig actually competed in the race and put in an incredible showing. While I’ve dabbled at mountain biking, I’ve never ridden a single-speed, even in hot pants.

    TonofEarth, you can’t find a better guy than Skeleton Mike, and I’m sure you’ll meet his posse of admirers when you come to town. We’ll show you a good time – Denver style.

    (Can’t wait for Spanksgiving, complete with pumpkin pie and WHIPPED CREAM.)

  39. So I feel a little guilty. I’m a friend of tonofearth and was with the Arkansas crew that had their minds blown in Durango. I feel a little guilty cause I did’t get involved with this thread when the insults were flying. But in my defense I’d like to think I’m not a shitty friend and us Arkansawyers just find out about stuff a little later than them other fancy style states.

    You know, about them things called shoes…

    and desegregation…

    and that monica lewinski is no Officer Hottie…

    but I just want to say tonofearth is a real stand up guy. he’s acctually pretty fast. part of the reason he got dfl was because his dad was there and he road with him most of the way until pops had to call it quits. also the whole few days we were in Durango was amazing, it really showed us what a strong bike culture is like and it gave us the inspiration to add 3 bands, costumes, a drum circle, and beer to our last local race. here’s a video. it’s arkansas quality so if you make it through, tonofearth is the guy in the top hat and tails and his dad is in the yellow and black jersey with blue jeans, the dancing drumming gorrilla was at SSWC09 as well…

    also little rock bike polo met for the first time last night. we didn’t have enough players to play but we’ll meet again next week! if you have any encouragement for them you can post it here…

    thanks for an amazing experience coloRADo!

  40. Tonofearth Says:

    Officer Hottie, can’t wait for that Denver hospitality esp if whipped cream is involved! Happy Spanksgiving.

    Skeleton Mike, I like your style. Looking forward to meeting the legend and your posse in person.

  41. Whining fuckos. The whole lot of ya! “Dang, I tried sooo hard to come in last.” Fuck that shit … drop a hit of acid, ditch your bike, wander around the Gulch in a pair of diapers searching for a tarantula for few hours. Then find your bike, take the bread out of the oven, have dinner, and cross the fucking finish line you pansies. Yet you fucking whine about getting free shit, just like a typical fucking yankee American fucktard fuck. Fuck…..

  42. skotty2w0 Says:

    jeesh, allTime, jeesh…. I mean it’s really all been officer hottie this and that… Blah Blah Blah… And i think we should REALLY be talking about MIss goldie gold hot pants from IF. At least I know she dry humped my free bike.

  43. skotty2w0 Says:

    jeesh, allTime, jeesh…. I mean it’s really all been officer hottie this and Officer Hottie that… Blah Blah Blah… And i think we should REALLY be talking about MIss goldie gold hot pants from IF. At least I know she dry humped my free bike.

  44. Tom Miller Says:

    I hate to even get into this conversation, but I’ve been out of the loop and off-line for the last four weeks which involved a move and a new job. I wish I could say I’m anything other than confused. I’m the idiot on the unicycle.
    I made the cut-off by a few minutes, had the last bike pass me on the Horse Gulch road, and was escorted in by the motorcross bikes in 5:03.
    I actually figure I’m first place in the unicycle class and I got a new house in St. Maries, Idaho for my prize. You guys can keep arguing about this DFL thing but I know who it was.
    Come springtime come check out the best bike shop in a hardware store EVER if you’re in the Idaho panhandle at the Ace store in St. Maries. (thanks for the shameless self-promotion instead of a belt or one of those frames with a training wheel)
    Miss y’all in the cross races this season! Tom

  45. christ on a crutch!
    just waisted, like way to much of my precious little time on this earth, reading the above thread. no wonder i dont read these fucking things much.

    funny how fast, factless rummors turn into a grape vine of bullshit.

    honestly folks if we wanted to pull a skam on someone we would’nt have poured our lives and hearts into “one of the greatest bike events ever”(my personal oppinion). we would have just stolen a nice bike and given it to one of our buddies!
    dfl guys
    thanks for calming the waters and riding bikes/ how ever fast or slow.
    i think i enjoyed your above coments the most.

    hope to see ya’ll down under, that is if i can steal enough bikes and sell em on ebay, to buy a ticket. i bough some super heavy duty bolt cutters with the cash i scamed from sswc. good investment?? we’ll see…
    cheers all

  46. yeah and thanks to doom who is staring at his screen on the other end of the table, for i too feel wasted by that PERfect piece of blogcommentbuLLSHITstorm that inevitably transpired in the wake of sswc.. alas long story short sounds like the dude who won the dfl bike is gonna ride it across country which is glorious..And there are plenty of loyal friends out there, happy to be friends, bitter like What?!.. and the 36r BlackSheep did by grace of the almighty end up in the hands of a homie but that was because the Almighty knew that Skotty2 was going to shred the f-ing shit out of it all the live long day. So all you whiners should definitely spend some more time TrainING on ROAD bikes and SHUtIT!! Long story short, thanks for coming to the BESt RACE EVER.

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