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The Champion Sings

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September 16-20th is SSWC09

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Sorry friends. We had several mishaps in the scheduling game and we had to make a bigtime switcheroonie. August 6-9th is no more. September 16th through the 20th will be the new and last date to remember. The riding is way better at that time of year anyway, so be stoked. Sorry to all you school teachers and school kids, you may have to call in sick or get a sub. Remember that Sunday January 4th, right here, we will post the mail-in registration form and the address. The reg form also doubles as a coloring contest, so do your best and get creative with it, as those who do will be rewarded. For all you overseaers, do not worry about the mailage time, your distance will be compensated in the collection process. The specifics of this process will be better defined in the days to come. Hope you love the new date.

Update on SSWC09

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We have been looking through tons of old bmx plus mags, and now are feeling good about things. For those of you with spoke cards from Napa, listen up. We will be posting a reg form over to the right on January 4th. You will then print it, write on it, color on it, and send it and your spoke card to our mailing address. You will get an entry if you send us your spoke card. 

For all those without spoke cards from Napa, you need to keep waiting. You will not get screwed, so please be patient. We love you too much. Seriously.

These are the other things that are for sure so far; amazing insurance, beer, and 6 guys who are stoked.


Hogsback Downhill

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Hogsback Hillclimb

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submit your 1×1 films for sswc09

3rd Place Never Looked So Good

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Roger giving the 3rd place tat to Robin

Roger giving the 3rd place tat to Robin

MUSCLE CROSS is Saturday

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The third annual Muscle Cross is this Saturday, 10am at Buckley Park, the heart of downtown. Durango Cyclery is hosting the event, with the name rooting from owner Russell’s nickname, Russell the Muscle. The event is not you typical cross race as it includes many barriers and obstacles, as compared to the modern standard of one or two. Registration begins at 9am with the fees being $10 for adults and $5 for kids, all the proceeds will be going to the upstart Durango ReCyclery, a used bike shop located downtown. 

The first event is the Kluncker Cross. 15 minutes of pain on any “non-racer” bike. Costumes and goofy things usually go down. Then the Kiddie Cross takes the stage with elementary aged kids taking to the course. Helpers are placed all along the course and the name of the game is super fun. Hot chocolate pours hot all morning, and the kids dig in when their race is over. Then at around 11:30 the B men and B women take to the course, followed by the A men and women at 12:40 or so. Last years race was cancelled due to poor turf conditions, but this year is looking perfect, so come on out and enjoy the show.

In Love with the Idea

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August 6-9, 2009

September 16-20, 2009