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Durango DEVO

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SSWC09 is stoked to support our local junior development mountain bike team, Durango DEVO. This is the teams 4th season of operation and in that short time they have had two members make US world champ teams and 2 national champions. The program consists of 3 developmental levels, Jr. DEVO, U14 and U19. Jr DEVO is 2 8 week programs, one in the spring and one in the fall, for ages kindergarten through 6th grade. Groups are split up by age and wheel size, and meet once a week at a different trailhead around town. DEVO U-14 has a boys and girls team with a season running from April through August. It is aimed at introducing competitive mountain bike racing and honing in on the basic mtb skill set. They practice 2 times a week and travel to 3 Colorado races a season, where they camp or condo with team coaches and learn how to manage themselves throughout a race weekend. DEVO u19 is basically the same. However, they practice 3 times a week and travel to 5 races a season. In the end, the kids have fun and learn how to become all-around shredders. All program levels teach the practice of using the bicycle as a tool to live a happier and healthier life. 


Bicycle Lemonade

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Bicycle Lemonade is a local non profit that we have chosen to help out from the riches we acquire from SSWC09. The leader China and Heather meet every wednesday night and make sweet sweet love to abandoned and trashed bikes. The steeds are sold at various hippy events around town throughout the year. The main mission of the project is to get more working bikes out on the street. Russ and the Durango Cyclery crew got it rolling after long time cycle recyclerer, Mr. Smilye passed away 3 years ago. He was the local used bike crap legend, and now a new story begins.

News as of Tonight

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Its getting close my friends. Here is some info.

We need people who want to run adds in our event magazine to contact us asap. Email if you are interested in having action in the 54 page normal size zine. Adds are $200 and can be written off as we are under the umbrella of a 501c3 non-profit organization. The magazine will be free to all entrants of the race and will act as the event bible as well as a little slice of the US singlespeed bike culture. Don’t miss out please.

We need some more film submissions for the Friday night 1×1 Film Festival. Its going to be a blown out event, so again dont miss out on this opportunity. 

The housing situation is going to get hectic, so plan ahead. Contact for college dorm, and host housing info.

We are still looking for a cycling friend to do the pancake breakfast on friday morning at the downtown Buckley Park. If you are interested, let us know. We help set up the stuff, you man the cakes and serve the masses.

Run What Ya Brung

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The NorsemanAnother event makes itself present on Thursday September 17th. Sponsered by local tuber, Norse Cycles, the Run What Ya Brung Handcrafted 1×1 bike show will give a looksie into the race vehicles of the grand strong SSWC09. The show will take place at the Irish Emabassy located on main street Durango, from 4-7pm. This will be a free event for both viewers and entrants. The only rule is that show bikes must be handbuilt and raced during the weekend. One bike per builder and approx 20 spots are available. Contact Tom Joyner at to reserve a spot on the showroom.


Its Polo Time

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Fort Collins plays host to the Fossil Creek Bike Fest Polo Tourney this weekend. The Durango Malletheads and the all ladies team, Buff PleasureDome will be traveling from Durango to participate. The event is slated for 10am saturday morning. Winner gets $2,450 cash.